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  • Healthcare Fraud

    TakeCare has created a Anti-Fraud Hotline to specifically address health care fraud, a national problem, prevalent in federal and state (and territories) as well as private insurance programs. Health care fraud occurs when a person or business intentionally misrepresents facts to receive reimbursement for health care services or supplies. Health care fraud is estimated to cost billions of dollars each year.*

    If you suspect fraudulent actions and abuse within your plan or our network, please call (671) 649-5484 or email

    TakeCare has invested in programs to address healthcare fraud.

    In order to maintain the affordability of health care, it is important that all of our members take the following precautionary steps against fraud and abuse.

    Fraud can result in improper payments, but fraud is not the only cause of wasteful spending in federal and privately operated health care programs. Payments for unnecessary medical services, for claims with insufficient documentation, for ineligible patients and to ineligible providers, are examples of improper expenditures that squander taxpayer dollars and drive up health care costs.

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services,

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