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    TakeCare continues its efforts to improve healthcare quality and efficiency through our Health Information Technology and Transparency Initiative.

    What's important about Health Information Technology and Transparency or HIT?

    Health information technology will allow patients, health care providers and payers (such as TakeCare) to share information securely in an electronic environment, driving down costs by avoiding duplicate procedures and manual transactions. More importantly, HIT will reduce medical errors from misread, handwritten prescriptions and emergency care medical decisions made without complete and accurate information.

    TakeCare currently provides its members useful information regarding the average cost of certain inpatient hospital procedures, outpatient elective procedures, and the cost of prescriptions. A clear idea on the overall costs of treatment for an episode of care will allow you and your family to make better informed decisions regarding your choices of healthcare. More cost and comparative information will be added in the near future.

    This transparency and information on costs and other personalized health information are provided now via the My TakeCare member portal and will enhance your ability to make informed decisions about your healthcare.

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