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  • Occupational Health Services

  • Occupational Health Services

    FHP Health Center cares for your family, be it the one you belong to at home or at work. Its exceptional team of physicians and certified physician assistants provide comprehensive medical services to safeguard the personal health and overall productivity of your team members. The following are services we provide:

    Drug testing
    Workman’s comp
    Commercial driver’s physical (DOT)
    Respiratory certification
    Health certificate
    Special immunizations

    Professional Staff

    Wally Straton

    Wally Stratton, PA-C

    Walter Stratton is U.S. Board Certified Physician’s Assistant with over thirty years experience in the medical profession.  He specializes in occupational medicine, family practice and adult medicine and has been practicing in Guam for over 22 years.    

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    Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

    Contact Information: (671) 646-5825

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