2020 FEHB Open Season



Hafa Adai Federal Employees and Annuitants!

Given the extraordinary challenges presented this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s open season will be like no other in the way you’ll access information and choose a plan. Get Ready!!


This year, the annual FEHB Open Season will run from November 9 - December 14, 2020.


Request for a 2020 FEHB Open Season Packet


Click here to request a TakeCare information packet including the 2021 brochure.




Enrollment and Changes


For those of you not currently enrolled, Open Season is your opportunity to join the FEHB program for 2021.

To enroll for the first time, or if you’re wanting to make a change to another carrier, or change your current TakeCare enrollment, you will need to take action using your agency’s benefit enrollment system or complete an enrollment form (SF2809). For those of you already enrolled, this will be your opportunity to change plans or plan options or types of coverage, or choose TakeCare as your health insurance carrier in 2021.

If you don’t wish to make any changes to your TakeCare enrollment, you don’t need to do anything; your enrollment with TakeCare will automatically renew on the effective date in 2021.


Open Season Activities


Starting Nov 9, because of COVID-19 concerns, we will be posting virtual online briefings, hosting chat sessions, and making available lots of information on this page and our social media channels.

We encourage you to visit here frequently to learn more about TakeCare’s 2021FEHB benefit offering and be on the lookout for the newspaper ads and other announcements concerning dates and times of various open season activities hosted by TakeCare.

As always, throughout the year, if you have any questions about your TakeCare coverage, call our customer service representatives at 671-647-3526 or via email at CustomerService@takecareasia.com