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We value the confidence you have in us as your choice health insurance provider.

As a member of TakeCare Insurance, you have preferred access to the FHP Health Center, one of Micronesia’s leading medical clinics located in Guam. FHP integrates complete and optimized healthcare under one trusted family brand. Established in 1973, FHP has blossomed to encompass ten Centers of Care. These centers include Urgent Care, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Occupational Health, Diagnostic Imaging, Home Health, Pharmacy, a Specialty Center (Hematology/Oncology), as well as a Dental and Vision Centers.

FHP features a roster of highly trained, credentialed, well-known and respected community-based physicians and professional staff. In addition, the center boasts modern technology and equipment that support the entire spectrum of medical services and expertise provided to its patients.

Jump, jab or stretch your way to wellness by trying our TakeCare Group Fitness Classes. A strong health care company cannot exist without healthy members. The everyday choices we make can help us live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives – both at work and at home. That’s why TakeCare is offering an essential tool as part of your overall benefits package – a comprehensive Wellness Program designed to improve your health, well-being, and productivity. TakeCare’s Wellness Program is the only accredited wellness program on Guam.


The goals of this program are to:

  • Provide you with information about your current health status;
  • Help you set realistic wellness goals;
  • Arm you with tools and resources to help you reach your goals;
  • Manage health care costs - an effective wellness program can make a difference in these costs over time.


Your participation will benefit your lifestyle and may help you save money on health care costs in the future.

Search through our provider directory to find a provider that best suits your needs or look through our member handbook to answer any questions you have as a TakeCare member.